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The Boss finally told me what the new schedule is going to be. It's not so much a schedule of times, they're all the same. It's a schedule of events. So here goes.
Monday: Drag day ($300/half hour. Oh yay, I get to dress like a girl.)
Tuesday: Buy an hour get a half hour free ($550/hour and a half)
Wednesday: Drug day ($315/half hour + drug costs. The clients pay for both the service and the drugs. We also make sure they don't OD.)
Thursday: Kink day ($325/half hour. Some people don't know when to quit. I hate these days.)
Friday: Normal service ($275/ half hour)
Saturday: Normal service ($275/ half hour)
Sunday: Request days (Rate depends on request. They can request anything from Monday, Wednesday or Thursday)
I think I like Wednesdays best.
Note: Normal service is available all days.
Anyhow, I'm at work and they just called me down.

Side note: The Boss paid for some of us to get our pictures taken professionally for a portfolio for the house. They gave me copies of two of mine. Here they are.
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((I know that's Cloud hair, but there's no Roxas hair on IMVU that I've found.))