I've always wondered why I was naturally drawn to tourists and newbies. It's no secret that I enjoy human companionship, sometimes. That's where the people mentioned above come in. As long as you get the right type, the city hasn't gotten to them yet and they're as friendly as can be.
I wonder about this man I met today. Tall, pale, handsome... Probably some country boy. His name was Seph,I believe. We met when I caught him looking at me in the subway station. I bummed a cigarette off of him and we just started talking. Apparently he had -just- arrived in town and hadn't been out of the station yet, because when we stepped outside he was awed by the sight of the city. Such childish wonder. It was beautiful, really. Not the city, but seeing someone truly enjoying the city. It's a rare sight. The poor guy isn't going to do well here. He's been pick-pocketed once already.
There was another guy he was conversing with when I came up. I think his name was Riku. I'm horrible with names. He was handsome, but probably not much older than me. He was more my type, really. Not that I have a type. He's been living here longer. He's already grown distant, but he's still friendly enough to talk to. For now. Some people never learn, because he was stolen from too. Or maybe he just hasn't been broken in yet. His reaction to Seph's wonderment was hilarious: he looked around to try to see what Seph was looking at.
And then there's my newest acquaintance. His name is Zexion. He can't be much older than me, and he lives on the streets. I found him being assaulted by some bar thugs and saved his ass. He's spending the night here because, well... I know I can't help everyone, but I can try to help the ones who show promise. I'm not sure where I saw promise in him, but it's somewhere. It's got to be. I don't know. I don't know what I'm going to do with him after tonight. It's not like I can just say "Hey, you wanna live here?" That would be kind of weird... Maybe I'm growing soft or something. It's beyond me.

(Private from here on)
My premium went up by $25! That's $12.50 more every half hour I spend with a client. This makes me very happy. It had been higher when I was younger, since it was far more illegal and people who wanted for me were paying for pedophilia and most added homosexuality to it. Then it dropped again when I turned 15 and now it's being raised again. Probably because the Boss wants to keep me at the House and because we lost our other rent boy.
The Boss has been searching for a rent boy with AIDS, but no luck. He's even promised a $200 bonus for whomever finds one. I've been trying, but it's not exactly easy to just walk up to people and ask if they have AIDS and if they'd like to be a whore. At this point I think the Boss would just like another male in his collection. Whatever.