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((Closed to Saix, for now))

Tuesday. The day he got paid less for more. Well, the offer of people paying less for more was what attracted customers on weekdays like this. Perhaps he should be grateful he was getting paid at all.

The sun was showing a bit through the rain and it was altogether a nice day, as far as weather in Neon City went. His nerves calmed considerably after having borrowed a hit off of one of his co-workers, Roxas was ready for the night and what it brought to people of his occupation.

He'd returned to his apartment after getting what he needed to change into fresh clothes (not that he wasn't going to change as soon as he got to work anyhow), and was now walking merrily through the rain towards his place of work. The day seemed a bit better when you weren't suffering withdrawl.
Saix was still trying to remember exactly what had happened the previous night. It was late at the bar, some drunken idiot had been trying to grope him... then it was lost in a red-tinted haze. The thing he could really remember clearly was standing in front of his now former boss, the copper taste of blood still fresh in his mouth. He'd been told he was too violent, too much of a liability for them to keep.

He cursed, the words coming out as more of a growl. That was the second time in two months that something like that had happened. He moved through the rain, sticking close to buildings for the slight protection from the rain they offered.
Roxas had paused in the middle of the sidewalk, staring up at the sky. Of all the rare occurances in Neon Town, a rainbow was something the blond never thought he'd see. Most people just walked by him without giving him a second glance, some gave him looks, some checked him out (being on his way to work, he wasn't wearing much). But none of them stopped to look up and see what had caught his attention.

Pity, really. They were all missing out. It just proved that maybe there could be something nice in this dreadful town.
Saix shook his head involuntarily, a very canine gesture. People around his glared, although how people could be annoyed by a few drops when much more was still falling from the sky, Saix had no idea.

Momentarily distracted by his need to return every death glare given to him, the blue-haired man nearly ran into the smaller figure standing on the sidewalk. Saix considered him for a moment: small, blond, young, nearly nude, completely distracted... The feral part of him roused slightly at the vulnerable sight the boy seemed. But on second glance, the blond seemed to be watching something. Saix followed his gaze, yellow eyes blinking in the light.

A rainbow? How many years had it been since he'd seen one of them? Not since moving to this gods forsaken city...
Noticing the man standing very near to him, Roxas tore his eyes from the wonderous sight and turned to address the man. "Beautiful, isn't it? I've never seen one in real life."

He cracked one of the cheeriest smiles he could to show his joy at witnessing the phenomenon. "I'm Roxas. It's nice to meet someone else who is willing to stop and look once in a while." He held out a hand, still beaming at the blue-haired man.
Saix remained expressionless for a moment, surprised by the sudden display of such kindness and openness to a strange, something as rare as the rainbow in this city it seemed to him.

He took the blond's hand "Saix." For a moment he wondered if the boy was really as young as he looked, rather than a whore playing up the youthful look they'd been lucky to be born with.
Roxas continued smiling for a moment longer before he took on a quizical look. "I know it's not my business, but it seems like something's bothering you." He took his cell phone out of his pocket and glanced at the time. "I gotta head to work, but if you want to walk and talk I'm open." At this point Roxas was trying -really- hard to keep conversation with this guy, even if he was going to be late to work. He was just such a rare breed, and he was someone Roxas felt he could relate to.
Saix shrugged "Got fired, again. As tough as clubs want their security to look, too violent means you're a liability." He shook his head, little droplets of water spraying of his damp hair. "I'll walk. It's not life I really have anywhere to be anymore."
"Oh... You work security?" The blond thought for a moment, looking the blue-haired man over once or twice. "Come inside with me. The Boss might have something for you." There was always a need for security, whether it be kicking drunks out, beating payments out of people, or making sure the people who hurt the whores of the House greatly regreted it. Violence wasn't an issue. It was often needed.
Saix hesitated for a moment. He had some reservations about working for a place that was in all likelihood illegal. But what choice did he have? As it was he was skipping on food a couple days a week to have enough money to pay his rent. He nodded silently, following the boy.
Yes, prostitution was illegal in Neon City, however the House knew exactly how to keep the cops and other city officials off their backs. Any cop who came in and showed their badge automatically got a sexual favor of their choice free or a half hour. SOme of the cops took advantage of this a lot, but lucky for Roxas, most of them liked women, so he wasn't forced to work for free.
The blond turned onto the sidewalk leading up to a semi-large apartment building. All of the windows were barred, but the lawn, what little of it there was, was well kept, as was the building itself. "Here we are. Coming in?"
Saix cast one last glance at the fading rainbow before nodding and following the boy into the building. He still wasn't sure what to expect, although the clean looking exterior did a lot to calm his anxiety.
Inside the building, the first room they came to was a well-furnished lobby area with fake plants and various pieces of art dispersed throughout. Roxas made his way over to the reception desk, smiling at the girl and having a quick word with her. She disappeared into the back and Roxas returned his attention to the man that had followed him in. "She went to get the Boss. He should be out in a minute. Make yourself comfortable until then."